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Welcome to The Maker's Market at Atlantic Station - Vendor Interface

Here you can pay for Application Fees and/or Purchase Booth Space at Market Weekends once you've been approved as a vendor.
Application Form to tell us who you are when applying can be found by going to the "Apply or Contact Us" page and filling in the requested fields there, after doing so then proceed to pay application fee as described below:
Application Fee can be paid on this website by selecting the tab above "Browse by Category" > "Applying to be a Vendor" placing application fee item in shopping cart and checking out.

Note: It is NOT recommended you Purchase Weekends until you are approved as a vendor for that weekend - first submit an application and pay your application fee - you can click the "apply or contact us" tab above (preffered) or email us at asweekendmarket@gmail.com.

There are two types of approvals - the first is as a general vendor - you get this by applying and being reviewed (you only need this one time) - the 2nd approval is for a particular weekend market, you get this by answering "yes" to the market call for the weekend you'd like to be involved in and being selected from the vendor pool for your category.

Purchasing a weekend booth space before being approved for that weekend does not guarantee entry and will only get a 50% refund if you as a vendor are not accepted for the weekend or your category (ie jewelry) for that weekend is full.

BTW: VENDORS DO NOT HAVE USER NAMES OR PASSWORDS FOR THIS SITE, so don't try to set one up. Just put items in your shopping cart and check out!

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